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Photo by Sheila White Guevin

Rae is the owner of Ever Laughter Parties LLC, which she founded in September 2016.
Ever Laughter Parties is a children's entertainment company that specializes in princess and superhero costumed characters and themed events. While they primarily provide entertainment for children’s birthday parties and community events, they also host large company events and volunteer at children’s hospitals and fundraisers.


In addition to managing over 25 employees, performing administrative tasks, and planning/managing events, Rae steps in to perform as a costumed character from time-to-time. As a performer, Rae gets to sing, act, and interact with the kids. She loves being able to share her passion for performing with families in the community.

Rae’s goal with Ever Laughter Parties is to inspire children by representing characters from diverse backgrounds. She believes representation and feeling seen is especially important for children because they are still shaping their sense of self. 


For more information about Ever Laughter Parties, please visit their website.  

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